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The history of El Avenida Palace Hotel

El Avenida Palace is a hotel with history, that has evolved along with the city of Barcelona throughout the years, and we want to share its story with you.


The Beatles and El Avenida Palace

Can you imagine spending a night (or more) at the same hotel room The Beatles stayed while in Barcelona? Well, we are proud and happy to say that you can actually do it at the El Avenida Palace hotel. The English music band spent a night in this hotel, on the 3rd of July 1965, a date now remembered for many people as one of the best nights of their life. The room they booked is now a legendary suite of the El Avenida Palace.


Festivals of Barcelona

Barcelona loves culture, so much that it hosts more than 20 cultural festivals every year. Music, theater, and arts in general are constantly in, in Barcelona. We understand it's difficult to choose between so many options, so we have made a selection of the ones we think you can enjoy the most.


Top 7 things to do in Barcelona

There are many things to do in Barcelona, almost too many if you are not in the city for very long. However, as it always happens, some tourist attractions are more significant than others, and there are few things you just can't miss when visiting the Catalan Capital. Here you have a list with the top 7 places to go in Barcelona by Avenida Palace Hotel.


Sun, food and culture: a summer in Barcelona

Most people will agree that European cities are charming, but Barcelona has a special something: its modernist buildings, the culture, the night life and its beautiful surroundings, that allow you to be in a completely different place in no time. Considering this, a summer in the city doesn't sound that bad, especially knowing that Barcelona also has beach. If you are planning on visiting the Catalan capital during your summer holidays, we invite you to take a look at this short guide by El Avenida Palace to make the most of your stay in Barcelona.