Festivals of Barcelona

You'll find dozens of these festivals held all year long, all over the city. Check out the best festivals in Barcelona to celebrate art, culture and life with parties all year long and make your holiday one to remember.

Castellers. Watch talented performers build impressive human towers

"Castellers" is a Catalan tradition that involves building human towers of astounding heights. The practice started in the rural town of Valls in the 18th century, and the 1st Barcelona club was formed in 1969. Castellers traditionally perform at festivals, and it’s a heart-racing spectacle, watching them climbing and stacking to form their human towers. Nowadays, Castellers entertain crowds on many occasions during their June–November season.

The castle-building technique is an artform that requires much practice for Castellers to master. After forming the base and vertical columns, a young boy or girl climbs atop the “castle”. Upon reaching the top, they wave to the crowd to celebrate the crowning of the "castell".


Sónar. Catch the top big name and obscure electronica acts

Sónar is a pioneering European festival, been championing electronic music and digital culture since its first edition in 1994. Each year, Sónar converts Barcelona into a focal point for music lovers, artists and professionals from across the world, drawn to the multiple stages and venues of the Fira Barcelona by the festival’s innovative content, format, and celebratory atmosphere. True to its name, Sónar tracks and amplifies the present and future musical landscape, hosting the most influential artistic creations of the current moment and providing a platform. In doing so it acts as a proving ground for new and emerging trends at the intersection of performance, music, science, information technology and beyond. After three decades and over 100 editions worldwide, Sónar continues to re-define what a festival can be, removing barriers and forging connections between audiences, genres and creative disciplines.

Cruïlla . Catch an eclectic line-up of international acts

The Cruilla Festival is a vibrant event that offers a broad and eclectic set of artists from all over the world. What sets this music festival apart from others is that there are few criteria for participation, just that the artists make great music. Held in July each year, the festival has seen everyone from Iggy Pop to Robert Plant and Cat Power to Gogol Bordello, among hundreds of others.

The festival takes place in the Parc del Forum primarily, and it's the place to catch your favourite big name acts as well as emerging artists. The Parc del Forum is just a 20 minute drive up the shoreline from the city centre.

Guitar BCN festival . Hear guitar music from rock to jazz, flamenco and more

Guitar BCN Festival is a fun event that offers classical, jazz or rock concerts from a wide range of artists. Thousands of people flock to Barcelona for this event, which takes place in venues across the city from. Sponsored by The Project in the city centre, this festival has a legacy of more than 25 years and offers shows from top name international and local artists. Past performers have included John Williams, Vincente Amigo, David Byrne and Pat Metheny.

Whether you're into jazz, blues, rock, or flamenco, you can find a Guitar Festival show to suit your tastes. The festival runs from late winter to mid summer, so you've got a huge window to catch it.

Barcelona Carnival. Get wild at a crazed party dating to Roman times

Carnival marks the last chance to cut loose before Lent with parades, fireworks and a party atmosphere. One of the most iconic festivals in Spanish culture, this vibrant festival has taken on a new level of party vibe in the past 20 years or so and gets wilder every year, culminating in La Gran Rua de Carnaval, a parade with floats, costumes and a vast firework display.

The party lasts for 7 days, with each offering a different themed experience: food, parade, the Carnival King, the symbolic sardine burial and others. The festival dates back to Roman times and is representative of freedom and rebellion. Each year, Carnival is held in the Barri de La Ribera neighbourhood about a 10 minute walk from the city centre.

Eat Street. Enjoy international food trucks in a public square

Eat Street is an exciting food festival to appeal to the foodie in you, offering an eclectic takeover of the streets by food trucks offering local and international bites. Whatever kind of food you enjoy, you're sure to find something to whet your appetite here. You can find gluten-free, vegetarian and other restricted diet options as well. Entry to the festival is completely free, though the food trucks range in price.

Still, a main dish is quite affordable here. For the most part, food vendors don't offer drinks, however, these are available from a dedicated drink stand. The festival is dog friendly and held every month along the Plaça de Margarida Xirgu in the city centre.

Fiestas del Barrio de Gràcia . Tour the decorated streets and squares of the Gràcia district

Fiestas con Correfocs del Barrio de Gràcia is the year's hottest block party in the Gràcia district. Thousands of residents descend on Gràcia’s vibrant squares to adorn the neighbourhood with artistic decorations. People of all ages participate in streetside activities like open-air concerts, dancing, or card games. Everyone stays entertained and enjoys the company of each other on the brightly coloured streets.

The 7-day festival is jam-packed with fun activities that bring family and friends together. Watch parades, foam parties, live music, and fire runs as you wander each decorated street. The festival’s programme also includes wine tastings, dance classes, and traditional songs. And don’t forget to vote for your favourite street and square during the festivities.

Sant Jordi. A day of celebration where roses and books become the main characters

The festivity of Saint George is a day that is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and joy in Catalonia. On April 23rd, the streets of the cities and towns are crowded with people and stalls selling books and roses. It is about celebrating the patron saint of Catalonia and perpetuating this tradition based on love and culture. In Barcelona, ​​streets such as Las Ramblas, Paseo de Gracia and Rambla Cataluña stand out for the crowds and the number of stalls selling roses and books. The atmosphere is very special and it is an ideal day to contemplate and delight without motive. In other parts of Barcelona we can find sardanas, exhibitions, Open Doors Days of emblematic buildings, “castells” (human towers) or even cultural activities like photography contests, readings or concerts.

"La Mercè" festival

For one week, there are shows and activities for all ages, such as rock concerts, "castellers" (people who form human towers), "correfocs" (fireworks and devils) or an amazing pyromusical show.
The festivities of the patron saint of Barcelona take place over the course of one week and in several different parts of the city. There are events for all publics: rock concerts, singer-songwriters, theatre, "castellers" (human towers), children’s activities, dances with giants, "correfocs" (fire-running) and, for a grand finale, a spectacular musical fireworks display.