Batea marisquería between the Atlantic and the Mediterrenean

Batea is an innovative restaurant that hopes to break with the traditional offer of a marisquería, with a bold cuisine with great quality products.

Run by Marta Morales, Carles Ramon and Manuel Nunez this seafood bistro is the sister restaurant of Besta, and with it brings similar concepts, the meeting point between the Atlantic and Mediterranean, great product and a respectful reinterpretation of its culinary roots.

The kitchen works with the freshest seasonal products from the sea, always with a minimalistic approach, combined with a selection of cocktails also based on freshness and sourness to match the food. Also on offer is a wine menu with natural wines from Galicia and Catalunya. With this, we hope guests will have a natural and unique experience of being between the two coasts.

Only for those who wish to enjoy themselves, and enjoy themselves a little more after that.